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JK Press Conference from August 3 and Welcome Back, kvh!

You can watch this video on our front page under Short Clip or in its permanent home on our site here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/195 After a long absence, our principal videographer, kvh, is back in Massachusetts! We're delighted to have her home, not least because

John Kerry conducts the Boston Pops!

You can watch this video on our front page under Short Clip or in its permanent home on our site here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/193

On December 13, 2010, two days after his birthday, Senator John Kerry was celebrated at Symphony Hall in Boston. The occasion was a tribute to JK's years of service -- his 25 years in the U.S. Senate and 45 years of service to our country since he first enlisted in the Navy: years of service as a public servant, but also as an environmentalist, anti-war protester, and

Radio Interview of Senator Kerry by Mary Jo Griffin of WCAP 980 Radio, Lowell, MA

You can listen to Mary Jo Griffin speaking with John Kerry here:
Just ahead of Senator John Kerry's appearance at a town hall meeting in the Merrimack Valley tomorrow, WCAP 980 Radio (http://www.980wcap.com/) in Lowell, MA was kind enough to allow us to feature

Good Old-Fashioned New England Town Hall Meeting

Watch the video here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/183 Massachusetts legislators held town hall meetings on the issue of healthcare reform throughout the congressional recess, and Senator Kerry chose Somerville as the site of his discussion with the community on this and other issues. The meeting was held at Somerville High School on September 2, hosted by Mayor Joe Curtatone and with Congressman Mike Capuano as the opening speaker. There were some lackluster boos from the back of the

Farewell to a dear friend

You can watch this short clip here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/181 From the days of working as a volunteer on Ted Kennedy's 1962 campaign for the Senate to the spring of 1971, when Senator Kennedy left his Washington, D.C. office and came outside to sit on the grass and

More than shovel ready

The Senator tours the Assembly on the Mystic development site:

and answers questions on the direct effect of economic stimulus money on the local economy:

and on the President's plan for withdrawing troops from Iraq:

Senator Kerry is beginning his new term in office in fighting form. His stated hope for a Democratic administration and Congress was that, at last, he and his colleagues

John Kerry interviewed after voting Election Day morning: four clips

Watch clips here:
Thoughts on election results: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/166
Thoughts on significance of this election and the 2004 election: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/167
Thoughts on staying in the Senate and serving out his term: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/168
Greeting supporters outside the State House: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/169

John Kerry was interviewed by local TV stations outside the MA State House and answered questions, giving his

JK hosts Election Eve rally in Hyannis, MA

Watch Senator Kerry's speech here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/164 (it's currently on the front page under Full Length Video, but this link is its permanent home)

Last night in Hyannis, John Kerry fired up a room of jubilant, hopeful, hard-working Democrats. They were fired up to begin with, but by the time

Senator Kerry's foreign policy speech at Tufts' Fletcher School

Watch Senator Kerry's speech here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/159

John Kerry has been speaking out for seven years with a special prescience and force about the perils we face in our relations with the other nations of our world because of the disastrous judgments and acts of the Bush-Cheney administration. This speech, though, has a new urgency and intensity. It feels like a final warning and

Poignant Medals Presentation Ceremony for MA military family of Armit C. Tilgner

Currently frontpaged under Full Length Video (view large size for best quality) but its permanent home is here: http://www.jkmediasource.org/node/156

It was a beautiful afternoon in Norwood, MA this last Saturday. We showed up at Town Hall and KvH set up her camera in the Memorial Hall that honors Norwood citizens who have served and fallen in every war since before the Revolution. It was very moving to see the ages of those who died, so many as very young men and to know how proud their town is of all who served.

We met Helen Tilgner and we were so moved by her story and by her courage and humility. Her sons

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