Site Features

Here you will find answers to your questions about how to use the site and its features.

Four Kinds of Video

There are four kinds of video on the site.

Full-length Videos are complete speeches, events or television appearances.

Short Clips are usually 1-5 minutes in length and are focused on a single topic. Short clips can be useful if you want to post an example of "What JK said about..." (We will be happy to make short clips from longer videos on request.)

Creative Videos will include things like music vids and mini-documentaries on specific topics; we are working on adding to that category now and would welcome submissions of creative videos from other bloggers (or collaborations if you want to work with us to develop an idea you have).

News Videos include The Kerry Report, a weekly (more or less) compilation of brief clips highlighting the Senator's recent activities, and videos of recent events such as campaign appearances around Massachusetts.


Some of our videos are available in a fifth format. JK2Go is a downloadable m4v file suitable for your video capable iPod. Click on the link to download the file, then import it into iTunes and sync it with your iPod.

Video Sizes

You can play video inside the small windows on the front page, or click View Larger Size to open them in a pop-up window at a larger size. Depending on your browser, you should also be able to click the full-page symbol in the video to get full-screen size (we do our best to provide video at high enough resolution that it can be played full-screen, but depending on our source material, we can't always manage this). The small videos on the front page are actually smaller files than the ones you see when you click View Large Size, so if you have a slow connection speed, you'll get fewer pauses if you watch the small ones (you can also wait for the large one to fully load and then play it without pauses).

You can also download iPod versions of many of the videos by clicking on the JK2Go button (on the front page) or code (on the pages for individual videos).

Searching for Video

Unless you choose Advanced Search to narrow the search, the search engine will search the titles of videos, the captions, the collection of transcripts, and the tags that have been applied. We have entered the date in two formats -- spelling out the name of the month and MM/DD/YY format. So if you are searching for an appearance John Kerry made on August 18th in Worcester, you could enter the word Worcester, or August, or 8/18/08. The search results come up in the reverse of the order in which videos were added to the site, so then you need to look through the list to find the specific thing you want.

Note: You can find video of a number of JK's recent appearances around Massachusetts by searching for KOYC, which stands for Kerry On Your Corner. If you specifically want to see the very small clips in which JK stops in to chat with people in local businesses, search for KOYC and "tour." If you don't want to pull up those kinds of clips, you can do an advanced search to exclude the word "tour".

The search engine will also pull up transcripts that contain words you're searching for. If a transcript is paired with a video on our site, the link to the video will appear at the top of the transcript. We are also uploading transcripts for which the videos aren't yet posted, so that people can search for information about Senator Kerry's statements on various topics; if you want to see a specific video, e-mail us and we will see if we have it. If you have the video to go with a transcript and could let us copy it, please let us know. We don't yet have transcripts for all the videos on the site, so to find all of the video we have with statements on a particular topic, you'll want to search the tags as well.